Cover reveal for Alan, Fay and Demona



What happens when passion blinds reason? The ardent fire of desire meets the shocking and harsh blows of reality in this Prelude of Prism. The convoluted relationships of three individuals morph into a rainbow of disarray.


“Alan, Fay & Demona: Preludes of Prism 1” is the first of several Preludes which connect to the “Convoluted Prism Collection”.

Now without further delay, I present you with the cover of “Alan, Fay and Demona: Preludes of Prism 1”!


Cover Art Created by All Authors Graphic Design


Please enjoy this Teaser of “Alan, Fay & Demona: Preludes of Prism 1“!

“Alan, Fay & Demona: Preludes of Prism 1”

by Synful Desire

Coming Soon!

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