Theatre Ancestors?

Do you have theatre ancestors?

I am a Specialist theatre genealogist who can help you with your family tree.

The information on this website is the culmination of genealogical and theatre archive research coming together to create a profile of individuals and tell the story of their theatrical careers. It is part of my CV and provides a detailed example of my research standards and areas of expertise.

Do you have ancestors who worked in the UK theatres? Actors or musicians? Can I help you with their careers?

I am in the process of writing a guide to tracing theatre ancestors and I am looking for case studies.


Fees and charges

I can provide you with an assessment, full genealogical research and report with full source records.

Assessment: Free. Please be aware that I will not undertake research if I think that your goals cannot be achieved.

Genealogical research and report: £15.00 hour with 2 hour minimum fee of £30.00.

Documents and expenses charged at the rates that providers and archives charge.

You will be required to purchase documents for evidence to prove your family tree and links between generations. This will ensure the accuracy of your family tree. I will advise you what documents are required and how much they will cost; you can then determine whether you want me to proceed to purchase the documents. Documents must be paid for in advance.


If you would like to contact me please use the Contact Us form at Family History Gifts.




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